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VIDEO: TV Host Gets Steamrolled By Guest For Calling Ron DeSantis ‘A Very Divisive Figure’

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On Tuesday, entrepreneur David Sacks put on an absolute masterclass in how to deal with biased media reporters – explaining to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang why he is joining Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in organizing a fundraiser.

Chang, in asking the question, repeatedly called DeSantis “a very divisive figure” who had “made questionable choices,” as if that were an objective fact and not the opinion of the American left. 

Sacks brilliantly explained to the audience why the question was, well, malarkey – and in doing so, exposed the bias of the mainstream media.

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‘Why Is He Inherently More Divisive Than, Say, Gavin Newsom Or Someone On The Other Side Of The Spectrum?’

Chang asked Sacks about his fundraiser on Oct. 22,  “I do want to ask you about the fundraiser you’re hosting for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who, obviously, is a very divisive figure, has made some choices that are questionable about public health — I know you don’t necessarily agree with all of them — but why do you support such a divisive candidate, especially given the global health crisis we are still facing?”

Notice how she asks the question – setting up all her political assumptions as if they were some objective fact. 

Chang seemingly referred to DeSantis’ various positions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, like mask and vaccine mandates. 

Sacks wasn’t having any of it – and explained very clearly why the question was a load of bull.

“Why is he inherently more divisive than, say, Gavin Newsom or someone on the other side of the spectrum?” Sacks asked.

“See what I would argue is that words like polarizing and divisiveness assume a normative baseline, in which everybody agrees, everyone in the tech industry agrees, because they all come from a certain information bubble. And anyone who deviates from that orthodoxy is perceived as divisive. 

Sacks said, “I would argue that the country — there’s a multiplicity of views, and you’re not divisive just because you don’t agree with the orthodoxy of Silicon Valley.”

Just watch genius in action:

Chang, flabbergasted, had to drop her whole line, and was left to just ask again, “Why DeSantis?”

The entrepreneur explained that he has donated to many politicians and then got back to DeSantis.

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Sacks Says He Likes DeSantis Because ‘He Was The First Governor To Stop These Insane Lockdowns’

Sacks said, “In terms of why I like DeSantis, he was the first governor to stop these insane lockdowns, and he found the right policy on lockdowns, which was to stop them, and he did it despite an extremely hostile media. And I respect that.”

“When someone takes the right position on an issue despite the hostility of the media, that’s something I really respect,” he added.

Republican politicians would do well to study the clinic Sacks put on, and learn from it.


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