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Do Democrats Want $7 Gas? Rep. Jim Jordan Says Yes

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On Tuesday, Republican Congressman and founding member of the House Freedom Caucus Jim Jordan blamed Joe Biden and his party for the drastic gas price increased throughout the United States.

Rep. Jordan made his remarks, which he has been arguing for some time, during an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

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Rep. Jordan: ‘The real answer is, let’s increase production here’

Opening up the segment with clips of reporters asking White House press secretary Jen Psaki about Biden looking to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran for help on the oil front, Fox host Steve Doocy asked Jordan what the impact of banning Russian oil imports will be.

Jordan said that banning Russian oil was only half of the equation, with the other part being increased domestic oil production. 

“We’re in this position because of stupid policy decisions from the Biden administration. You all know this — the canceling the Keystone Pipeline, not allowing drilling on federal lands, keeping Anwr open, those are things that need to happen.”” Jordan argued.

The biggest problem, according to Jordan? “Even if Biden wanted to go there, his party won’t let him.”

“I sat in a hearing a few months ago where Ro Khanna, a Democrat member from California, the state that’s now got like $7 gas, he had the oil and gas executives there in front of him, and he badgered every one of them asking them one simple question: ‘Will you pledge to decrease production this year?” Jordan said.

Jordan claimed that “Democrats want $7 gas.”


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Jordan: Dems Wouldn’t Even Let Biden Drill!

Last week, Jordan made the same argument on local Ohio TV. 

“Even if Joe Biden wanted to do that, his party won’t let him. His party is controlled by the left.”

“The left actually wants to destroy the oil and gas industry,” Jordan contended. “They want to drive the oil and gas business out of business, and it just shows how out of touch they are.”

“It would be nice if Joe Biden wanted to reverse policies but I don’t think he can because the radical left controls his party,” Jordan claimed.

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