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Newspaper Editorial Blames Right-Wing Rhetoric For Assassination Attempt On Louisville Mayoral Candidate After BLM Activist Was Charged

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The Las Vegas Sun published an editorial blaming right-wing rhetoric for an assassination attempt on Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg – AFTER the shooter had already been identified as a Black Lives Matter activist and advocate for gun control.

The op-ed column was published in the very early morning hours Wednesday.

As The Political Insider reported earlier today, BLM activist Quintez Brown was arrested for the attempted shooting of Greenberg, a Democrat, on Monday.

Brown, once featured by the Obama Foundation as a “rising face,” was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment following the targeted shooting on Monday.

He had written local newspaper columns blasting “gun-loving Republicans” and was previously featured in an MSNBC segment about students demanding stricter gun laws.

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Las Vegas Sun Blames Right For Louisville Assassination Attempt

Despite Quintez Brown being identified as “a Louisville activist” by the Louisville Courier-Journal late Monday evening, the Las Vegas Sun published their own completely false theory on what was behind the assassination attempt roughly 30 hours later.

“A terrifying incident in Louisville, Ky., this week revealed the dangers of the talk coming from the right about civil war and political violence.”

Currently, there is no evidence whatsoever that the shooting was even a political statement.

But the Las Vegas Sun doesn’t stop there. The entire premise of the column is that violence such as the Lousiville mayoral candidate assassination attempt is a result of right-wing rhetoric.

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Not Grounded in Reality

The Las Vegas Sun editorial gets worse.

“While there’s been no indication yet that the activist had ties to any right-wing organizations, the shooting comes amid a rise in threats against politicians fueled by increasingly violent rhetoric coming from extremist Republicans,” they write.

There’s no indication Brown had any ties with right-wing organizations because … he had ties to left-wing organizations.

Tom Bevan, President of Real Clear Politics, could hardly contain his dismay at the Las Vegas Sun’s blatant attempt to rewrite reality.

“Holy f***, [Las Vegas Sun], he tweeted. “This editorial was written after the alleged shooter, Quintez Brown, was identified as a left-wing BLM activist.”

Amazingly, the Las Vegas Sun on Tuesday, before the editorial was published, had themselves identified Quintez Brown as “a social justice activist running as an independent for the (metro) council.”

I don’t know of any right-wing individual who describes themselves as a ‘social justice’ activist. Do you?

The Las Vegas Sun editorial is reminiscent of the liberal media’s attempts to tie former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to a mass shooting in Arizona in 2011.

At the time, a conspiracy theory asserted that ‘target maps’ used by Palin to focus on political opponents who needed to be voted out of office actually led to the shooting.

The Sun adds that “violent rhetoric” by the GOP “is an uncaged monster threatening to harm not only elected officials but others who serve the public.”

“Unless talk of Americans attacking other Americans is driven back, there will be more similar incidents — and many more chances that those incidents will be bloody.”

Source link : thepoliticalinsider

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