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Piers Morgan Exposed For Misleading Trump Interview Edit

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New audio shows that a promotional clip tweeted by Piers Morgan was deceptively edited to make it appear as though the former President Donald Trump angrily ended the interview. In the clip, it seems that Trump calls Morgan “very dishonest” and says “turn the camera off” as he abruptly stands up to leave.

The clip begins with Trump telling Morgan “I think I’m a very honest man. Much more honest than you.”

That appears to be true, as multiple outlets, including Trump foes like CNN and NBC News, report that Morgan’s tweet is misleading.

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Trump Gets An “Easy Win”

Writing for CNN, Chris Cillizza said that Morgan handed Trump an “easy win.”

“[O]ccasionally a member of the media … does something colossally stupid that gives Trump just the ammo he needs to continue to make the case that the media is out to get him,” Cillizza wrote.

“Yes, Trump and Morgan got into it over the 2020 election … [b]ut Trump didn’t end the interview there,” he explained.

What Really Happened in Piers Morgan’s Donald Trump Interview?

The audio recording provided to NBC News shows that Morgan finished the interview with a question about golf, and Trump’s “turn the camera off” comment was made after the interview concluded.

Trump capitalized on the moment by releasing a statement to call Morgan out.

“Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me,” Trump said. “It just shows, however, what I have to deal with in the Fake News Media. He went out of his way to deceptively edit an interview and got caught. That is a big story, isn’t it?”

Calling the interview “long” and “tedious,” Trump said that he stayed for an hour longer than he agreed for the interview. 

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What About The Rest of the Media?

In his piece for CNN, Cillizza writes that “the most consistent strain of Trumpism over the years has been his assertion that the news is a) fake and b) out to get him (and his supporters).”

He calls that a ridiculous assertion, but is it?

Liberals at news outlets like CNN and NBC have shown that they are willing to write misleading headlines, deceptively edit videos, and do whatever it takes to push their agenda.

In 2021, ‘NBC Nightly News’ was criticized for a deceptive edit of a 911 call. In its reporting on a police shooting, the call was edited to remove a portion where the caller said the the girl who was shot had a knife.

Chuck Todd admitted that he aired a video that took former Attorney General Bill Barr out of context on ‘Meet the Press.’

Cillizza may not consider Piers Morgan a true journalist, but they’re all playing the same game. It’s no wonder that trust in the media is at an all-time low

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