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VIDEO Flashback: Elizabeth Warren To Dad Who Wants Refund After Paying Off Student Loan – ‘Of Course Not’

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Following word of President Biden’s massive student loan bailout, a video from 2020 has resurfaced showing Senator Elizabeth Warren dismissing the concerns of a father who wants to know if he’ll get his money back after responsibly paying off his daughter’s loans.

In the clip, the irate dad rips into Warren (D-MA) over a similar policy she was proposing as a presidential candidate at the time, noting how he worked two jobs to pay for his daughter’s education.

“I just want to ask one question,” the man declares. “My daughter is getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money. She doesn’t have any student loans.”

“Am I going to get my money back?” he asks of the student loan forgiveness plans she had been touting at the time.

“Of course not,” a seemingly shocked Warren replies.

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Warren to People Who Already Paid Student Loans – You’re Out of Luck

If that query shocked Warren, what came next from the concerned father had to be devastating.

‘Of course not’ clearly set the man off as he delivered a furious response to the woman who championed student loan handouts long before Biden made it a reality.

“So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money, and those of us who did the right thing get screwed?” he said, raising his voice.

“My buddy had fun, bought a car, went on vacation,” the man continued. “I saved my money. He made more than I did. I worked a double shift working to get extra money.”

Warren continued smiling during the exchange prompting the furious father to accuse her of “laughing at me” with her student loan bailout proposal.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what you’re doing,” the dad fires back as she denies laughing. “We did the right thing and we got screwed.”

The conversation ends with Warren thanking the man for his time before he shoves past her with a dismissive wave of the hand.

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Americans Who Have to Pay Others’ Loans Are Furious

Fox News interviewed some voters and their reactions to President Biden’s $500 billion student loan bailout.

A human resources worker in New Jersey explained that “a loan is a loan” and “you have to pay that back.”

“Honestly, it looks like to me — after I did the responsible thing and worked hard to pay it off — that today [with the handout plan], people are getting rewarded for doing the least amount,” she added.

Another New Jersey man said he and his wife “sure were a couple of suckers” for trying to put their kids through college without accumulating a lot of debt.

“Biden’s unconstitutional decision to shift college debt to taxpayers is an outrageous slap in the face to those who met their obligations as well as those who didn’t go to college,” the man said.

Others openly wondered what will happen when people take out future student loans.

Meanwhile, the White House has been refusing to say specifically how the $500 billion student loan handout will be paid for.

Deputy director of the National Economic Council Bharat Ramamurti claims the plan is fully paid for through “deficit reduction” which is akin to the math they previously used to claim a $3.5 trillion spending bill would cost absolutely nothing.

“It is paid for and far more by the amount of deficit reduction that we’re already on track for this year,” Ramamurti said. “Like I said, we’re on track for $1.7 trillion in deficit reduction this year.”

He added, “1.7 trillion more dollars are coming into the Treasury than are going out. And we’re using a portion of that — a very small portion of it — to provide relief to middle-class families, consistent with the president’s plan.”

That’s called financial redistribution because the money coming into the Treasury is taxpayer money. Your money, my money, everybody’s money is going into the Treasury and being kicked back out to pay off other people’s student loans.

And, as for that deficit reduction projection, even Politifact points out that it “merits an asterisk.”

Fox News reports that a “vast majority of voters” are not even eligible for President Biden’s student loan handout.

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