CNN’s Chris Wallace Mocks Republicans Over Speaker Vote: Would Never Happen Under Pelosi

Former Fox News host-turned-CNN personality Chris Wallace mocked Kevin McCarthy over the Speaker drama unfolding in the House and suggested this never would have happened to Nancy Pelosi.

Wallace’s comments came during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Thursday night.

Colbert began the segment by suggesting McCarthy’s repeated losses in votes nominating him as Speaker were “karma” because he “sold (his) soul for political power and (got) nothing in return.”

Wallace then pivoted to a story about running into Alexandra, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, after his train ride to New York City.

“We both agreed this would never have happened under Nancy Pelosi,” Wallace told Colbert. “Because Nancy Pelosi had one rule, which was: If you don’t have the votes, you don’t go to the floor.”

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Chris Wallace Offers Praise of Nancy Pelosi

A real journalist would have delved into that analysis just a little further. But alas, Chris Wallace is not a real journalist. He’s little more than a CNN flak which is, by extension, a marionette dancing for the Democrat Party.

Pelosi actually ran into a similar scenario in 2018 when the “Squad” was running around DC pretending to be progressive mavericks who would challenge her role as leader.

Just as McCarthy is contending with now.

What was the difference? The “Squad” tucked tail and bent the knee to Pelosi, despite their bloviating on a change of scenery.

The group then fell in line with Pelosi on nearly every issue, with Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (93%), Ilhan Omar (93%), Ayanna Pressley (94%), and Rashida Tlaib (92%) voting with her on nearly every major piece of legislation in the latest session of Congress.

If anything, the Speaker story isn’t about what Pelosi would have done better than McCarthy, it’s about how the conservatives opposed to McCarthy had the intestinal fortitude to do what the Squad never would have dared.

But Chris Wallace didn’t care to discuss that. Perhaps it’s too ‘inside baseball’ for the rubes who sit in the audience clapping like seals for an uber-douche like Colbert.

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Pokes Fun at CNN+

Wallace also took the opportunity to join Colbert in poking a little fun at CNN+ after the network’s streaming service suffered an embarrassing run, having been shuttered last year just one month after its launch.

Wallace was to be a prominent face of the venture.

He pointed out that the last time he made an appearance with Colbert, the service still existed.

“CNN+ still existed. And it was the day before our show,” he said before a person in the audience interrupted with a clap.

“Thank you. There was the one viewer of CNN+!” Wallace quipped.

Wallace for years was heralded as the ‘straight news’ guy at Fox, a silly notion by any measuring stick.

He was so enamored with President Biden that he described the marble-mouthed orator’s inaugural speech as “the best inaugural address I ever heard.”

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He’s covered news and politics for over 50 years and that was the best inaugural address he’s ever heard? Right.

Wallace during that analysis called Trump supporters who took part in the January 6 protests “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists.”

Which is why his move to CNN was a match made in heaven. It’s just a shame nobody is there to watch him anymore.

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