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Conservative Firebrand Dinesh D’Souza Rips Biden Voters – ‘Happy’ About Karma Coming Their Way

November 2020 was such a giddy time for Democrats and the left in general. The Bad Orange Man was going away, and finally the whole world could just stand hand-in-hand and sing “Imagine.”

Joe Biden, former Vice President and lifetime Senator from Delaware, had managed to pull off what Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Clinton war machine had failed to do: Bring down Donald Trump.

But now, only a little over a year into the disaster that is the Biden presidency, there surely must be some Biden voters that regret it.

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has no sympathy for them whatsoever, and he’s reveling in the karma they brought on themselves. 

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Getting Rid Of Bad Orange Man Any Way They Can

While D’Souza, conservatives, or just Americans in general usually want what is best for the country they love, and do not want to see their fellow Americans suffer, D’Souza thinks a bit of schadenfreude on the part of conservatives is called for.

You don’t have to look very far to find someone who will tell you that in their lifetime, the amount of hatred that was, and continues to be, heaped on one man and his family by the left.

Never ending accusations of racism, sexism, treason; no other Republican presidential candidate could have withstood it. But Donald Trump did. And he did it for the country that he loves. 

But for Democrats and the rest of the left, getting rid of Donald Trump by any means necessary became the order of the day.

How exactly has that worked out for America? 

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Hoping For The Worst (For Biden Voters)

The price of gas is hitting record levels daily. It has climbed 79 cents in the past 2 weeks and is on average $1.54 higher than the same time last year. The previous record high price for gas was $4.11 set back in July of 2008 amid the Great Recession.

In the Los Angeles area, fuel prices have reached $6 and $7 per gallon. Sorry California, no sympathy here. Enjoy!

Been to the grocery store lately, Biden voters? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of beef and veal rose 16% higher than a year ago. Chicken is up 10%, and eggs 12.2%.

Kunal Dawar, Vice President of Operations at Walt Churchill’s market in Ohio, says be prepared to suck up those added transportation costs of getting that food to the grocery store. “Somebody’s gotta pay for that. A retailer is not going to absorb costs all the way.”

It is a known fact that economics are not a strong suit of Biden voters, so let’s break that down. That means that retailers pass those extra costs down to the consumer. In other words, guess who is paying for it? You are.

And because of your vote, I am too. Thanks for nothing!

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The Lesson Of Pain

A response to D’Souza’s tweet said in effect, that “pain is the best teacher.” Will Democrats and the left admit that Joe Biden’s presidency is a dumpster fire? Will they admit, even a smidge, that Donald Trump might have been right about at least about gas prices and the economy?

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Perhaps not. Dinesh D’Souza says they are slow learners. During the Carter administration, Fed Chairman Paul Volker raised interest rates to get a handle on the out of control inflation that gripped the nation.

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve officials voted to raise interest rates. Know why? To curb inflation. There is an old saying about insanity and repeating the same action over and over.

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