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Kyle Rittenhouse Tweets Hilarious Meme Of Him Crying At Biden’s Gas Prices, But It’s Liberals Who Are In Tears

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Kyle Rittenhouse triggered numerous leftists when he posted a meme featuring a video of him crying during testimony at his murder trial and using it to poke fun at LeBron James and President Biden.

The meme, which he credits to another creator, shows the crying Rittenhouse seemingly at a gas pump and weeping over the sky-high gas prices.

It is an amusing effort that actually pokes fun at himself and points out the absurdity of the Biden gas price hikes.

Rittenhouse captioned the meme with a jab at NBA star LeBron James.

“No, it’s not Lemon Heads … it’s the burning hole in my pocket thanks to a Joe Biden presidency …” he joked.

James famously mocked the 19-year-old for genuinely sobbing during his trial. Rittenhouse would eventually be acquitted on all felony charges.

“What tears?????” James tweeted sharing video of Rittenhouse clearly bursting into tears. “I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

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Kyle Rittenhouse Crying Meme Sends Libs Into a Spiral

To be fair, LeBron James isn’t used to seeing people crying from genuine emotional distress. His tears tend to involve cramps and being carried off the court by his teammates.

Or maybe he just eats Lemonheads during game time.

And while Kyle Rittenhouse was making fun of his own very public crying incident, it was a handful of liberals who were left in tears.

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, responded to the crying meme with a post that should get attention for the slate of libel lawsuits Rittenhouse is rumored to be pursuing.

“If I killed another human being – even if it was an accident or I believed it was in self-defense – my life would be destroyed,” she wrote. “This sociopath just revealed himself to be the murderer most of us already know he is.”

Civil rights lawyer Sherrilyn Ifill reminded followers that Rittenhouse’s use of self-defense to save his own life was “one of the most alarming [and] frightening episodes of the past few years.”

It was frightening, just not for the reasons she believes.

What was frightening was that three men, some with serious criminal backgrounds, were almost able to kill a teenager during a serious riot. But he thankfully was able to defend himself.

What’s frightening is that the left and the media then characterized Rittenhouse as a murderer and he was almost jailed for life over that false narrative when he was put on trial this past November.

What’s frightening is that they continue to lie about what happened.

“The Kyle Rittenhouse video is a cry for a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ slot,” tweeted comedian Paula Poundstone.

Poundstone, you may recall, was arrested on child abuse charges in 2001.

MSNBC legal contributor Katie Phang took a shot at the jury who acquitted Rittenhouse.

“If you were a Rittenhouse juror, you must feel REALLY special right now, huh??” she wrote.

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Clip Has Gone Viral

According to Newsweek, the Kyle Rittenhouse crying meme has gone viral, viewed more than one million times since it was posted late Thursday night.

Rittenhouse criticized LeBron James for mocking his crying episode in court during a podcast interview in December.

“I was a Lakers fan too before he said that,” he said. “I was really pissed off when he said that because I liked LeBron, and then I’m like, you know what, f*ck you, LeBron.”

Don’t worry, there were a lot of Laker fans that stopped watching once LeBron James joined the team.

James was on the receiving end of criticism when he tweeted a threat at a Columbus, Ohio police officer following the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant.

Bryant was shot by the officer as she was attacking another teen with a knife. 

“You’re next,” he wrote before deleting the tweet as video surfaced showing the officer actually saved the life of another teenager who Bryant was attempting to stab.

A grand jury last week declined to indict the police officer in the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting.

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