Report: Senator Feinstein Confused by Senate ‘Basics,’ Couldn’t Understand Why Kamala Harris Showed Up to Cast Tiebreaking Vote

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A New York Times report is expanding on the current breadth of confusion engulfing Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, even recalling one incident in which she failed to grasp why Vice President Kamala Harris had shown up to cast a tiebreaking vote in the Senate.

The report was published over the weekend and provides fuel for critics who insist she must resign due to her age and ailing health.

“At times she has expressed confusion about the basics of how the Senate functions,” they write.

Though to be fair, there are numerous Senators who seemingly don’t understand their role or what service they are meant to provide their state or the country at large.

The Times also makes note of an instance last year in which Vice President Kamala Harris was presiding over the chamber and was called upon to cast a tiebreaking vote.

“What is she doing here?” Feinstein allegedly asked her aides.

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Feinstein Was Confused by Kamala Harris’ Role in the Senate

Aside from the Kamala Harris anecdote, the New York Times report on Senator Feinstein (D-CA) is nearly indiscernible from previous reports about her Democrat colleague from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman.

The gist of it is that her constant state of confusion requires a lot of assistance from a lot of aides to get through her day.

“All senators rely heavily on staff,” they write. “But for years, Ms. Feinstein’s memory problems have meant that she has needed far more support than other senators. Briefing her on the news of the day requires longer sessions and more background information.”

Notice the very subtle nod to the fact that she has had memory issues requiring assistance from her staff “for years.”

Weekend at Feinstein’s is currently ongoing it would seem.

Aides “push her wheelchair, remind her how and when she should vote, and step in to explain what is happening when she grows confused,” the Times writes.

Feinstein has been a politician since 1969 and has missed dozens of Senate votes since being hospitalized allegedly with shingles.

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Hillary Clinton: Feinstein Must Stay to Confirm Justices

Former New York Senator Hillary Clinton has been one of the few voices bucking calls for Dianne Feinstein to resign.

In a recent interview with TIME, Clinton argued that even if Feinstein is not of sound mind, they need her body to physically cast votes to confirm justices appointed by President Biden.

“If we’re going to get judges confirmed, which is one of the most important continuing obligations that we have, then we cannot afford to have her seat vacant,” she said.

Clinton continued, “All these people pushing her to retire: fine, so then no more judges? I don’t think that’s a good tradeoff.”

A San Francisco Chronicle report confirmed that Democrats had been upset with both Feinstein and Fetterman’s lengthy absences because they were holding up the confirmation of President Biden’s judicial nominees and/or getting legislation passed.

Fetterman meanwhile, still struggles to have coherent conversations after experiencing a stroke which left him unable to understand words and meanings. He also missed weeks from the Senate after being treated for clinical depression. He needs special monitors and tablets to understand basic conversation. The Times reported that colleagues have had to adjust to his “special needs.”

Democrats have not called for Fetterman to resign. So far, five House Democrats have called on Feinstein to resign.

Wonder why that is. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has some thoughts.

It’s amusing when people who constantly call political opponents sexist woman-haters are called that by one of their own.

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