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When Pressed By Cuomo On CRT In Schools, Bill Maher Defends Worried Parents

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HBO’s liberal talk show host Bill Maher recently defended parents who are worried about critical race theory (CRT) being in taught in schools.

Maher made his remarks in a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on his program “Cuomo Prime Time.”


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Maher: ‘That’s different than teaching that racism is the essence of America, that’s what people get upset about’

Host Cuomo said that while many parents oppose CRT, they don’t really know what it is, and he also claimed it is not being taught to school kids. This has been the common narrative on the left.

Maher said he doesn’t know anyone who is opposed to learning about the history of racism in the U.S., but parents don’t want their kids taught that America is rooted in racism.

There’s a difference, Maher insisted. “That’s different than teaching that racism is the essence of America, that’s what people get upset about,” Maher said. “Or involving children, that are probably not old enough or sophisticated enough to understand this very complicated issue with a very complicated history.”

Maher noted that CRT separates children as “oppressor and oppressed,” which is both morally wrong and not suitable for kids.

Cuomo said, “And the pushback becomes ‘It’s just the truth, we’re just telling them the truth, is that racism continues, it’s systemic.’ You have to be taught where it is everywhere because that’s how we remedy it. And otherwise, you’re just hiding from the truth.”

Maher replied, “That’s nuts, that’s just silly. It’s just virtue signaling.”


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Maher: ‘I’m an old school liberal. When we talk about race, they changed. Not me’

“My politics have not changed, I’m an old school liberal,” Maher explained. “When we talk about race, they changed. Not me. I was the old ‘we should be moving toward a color blind society, we don’t see race.”

“That’s the old way to look at it, I think that’s still the good way to look at it,” Maher said.

Maher continued, “That’s how we win. That it’s doesn’t matter what your race is, the quality of your character, not the color of your skin.”

“That’s not wokeism. Wokeism, we have to see it everywhere all the time,” Maher added.


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